Area Q.
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Movies: Area Q. Director: Gerson Sanginitto Cast: Isaiah Washington, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Daniel Zykov, Murilo Rosa, Steve Filice, Leslie Lewis Sword Production Co: Reef Pictures, Solventdreams, Sophia Filmes Genres: Sci-Fi | Thriller Total: Runtime: 100 min Country: United States | Brazil Release Date: 2011 
Storyline: A year after the disappearance of his son, Thomas Mathews, an investigative journalist, still has no information and begins his own obsessive search. However, the obsession has him losing his house and job so his boss sends him on special assignment in Brazil. In Brazil, Mathews investigates close encounter sightings that have taken place in the small cities of Quixada and Quixeramobim-also known as Area Q. While there, he realizes he will face the biggest discovery of his life...
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