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Movies: Crowsnest Director: Brenton Spencer Cast: Mittita Barber, Aslam Husain, Chelsey Reist, Christie Burke, Olivia Steele-Falconer, C. Ernst Harth, Ian Carter, John Sheppard Production Co: Straight Jacket Films, Latitude Entertainment, Oriole Leaf Films Genres: Action | Horror | Mystery | Thriller Total: Runtime: 84 min Country: Canada Release Date: 2012 

Storyline: This is a 'found-footage' movie from Canada about five young friends who go on a trip to a cabin back in 2011, but on the way (while filming it) they head off the beaten track to a place called Crowsnest where they have heard that you can buy beer for half price! They get the beer but at the same time they receive a warning to head back where they came from or they will die. But they don't take the warning too seriously and keep driving in to the forest. But they seem to be lost, then an RV hits one of them and all hell breaks loose. There's something about the people in the RV. Will the friends survive?

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