Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal
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Movies: Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal Director: Tom McLoughlin Cast: Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Ashley Benson, Aimee Spring Fortier Production Co: Fox Television Studios, Orly Adelson Productions, TVM Productions Genres: Biography | Drama | Sport Total: Runtime: 88 min Country: United States Release Date: 2008 
Five high school cheerleaders, including the daughter of the school principal, run amok -- and teachers, parents and administrators allow them to get away with a wide range of scandalous behavior. Know as the "fab five," the girls disregard school rules, drink alcohol and post suggestive pictures on the Internet. But when the new cheerleading coach attempts to discipline them, her superiors ask her to resign. The real version of the events took place in McKinney, Texas, a Dallas suburb, and received national media attention in 2006...
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