Passions Of A Private Secretary
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Movies: Passions Of A Private Secretary Director: Yutaka Ohgi Cast: Mutsuo Yoshioka, Tsugumi Nagasawa, Akira Yamamoto, Mayu Asada, Daisuke Iljima Production Co:  Genres: Drama | Erotic Total: Runtime: 98 min Country: Japan Release Date: 2008 

An unexpected reunion with admirer and former associate Koizumi turns unassuming beauty Shizuko's pure world upside down, and soon she finds herself ensnared in a threatening, seedy underworld of sadomasochism. With a cushy new executive secretary position and an engagement to international business heir Ryoichi, Shizuko could lose the safe, conventional life she's always wanted, but she might not mind in this erotic thriller...

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