Splinter (2006)
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Movies: Splinter (2006) Director: Michael D. Olmos Cast: Tom Sizemore, Edward James Olmos, Ivonne Coll, Enrique Almeida, Resmine Atis, Noel Gugliemi, Dallas Page, Delilah Cotto, Emilio Rivera, Adam Rodriguez, Hector Atreyu Ruiz Production Co: Splinter Film LLC, Chamber Six Productions, Dark Horse Entertainment Genres: Thriller Total: Runtime: 90 min Country: United States Release Date: 2006 

Storyline: On the mean streets of LA, two gangsters - - Dreamer (Almeida) and Dusty (Noel G.) - - unite over the mysterious murder of their brother. Dreamer, with the bullet that killed his brother still lodged in his skull, is desperately seeking revenge when he crosses paths with Detective Gramm (Atis), a confident rookie cop partnered with corrupt veteran Cunningham (Sizemore). Amidst a rising body count and the threat of an all-out gang war, the four characters lock themselves in a brutal end-game as they discover who among them is creating the brutal chaos...

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