Stop The Bitch Campaign
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Movies: Stop The Bitch Campaign Director: Kôsuke Suzuki Cast: Rio, Mayu Sugano, Emi Hirai Production Co: Honey Bunny, King Record Co. Genres: Comedy | Horror Total: Runtime: 85 min Country: Japan Release Date: 2009 

Following 'Stop the Bitch Campaign' (2001), 'Stop the Bitch Campaign: Hell Version' (2005), this is the third film in the series which has got a strong support by the fanatics. This time, the heroine is played by No.1 sexy idol, Rio. Her rival named Kuni is played mysteriously by Kenichi Endo who also played the same role at the previous two films. The original work is written by Hideo Yamamoto who wrote 'Homunculus' and Tetsuya Koshiba who wrote 'Tennen Shojo Man'. The director is Kousuke Suzuki who has directed all three films...

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