The Specialist
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Movies: The Specialist Director: Luis Llosa Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone, James Woods, Rod Steiger, Eric Roberts, Chase Randolph, Jeana Bell, Brittany Paige Bouck, LaGaylia Frazier Production Co: Iguana Producciones, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Warner Bros Genres: Action | Thriller  Total: Runtime: 110 min Country: Peru | United States Release Date: 1994 

Storyline: Ray Quick is an ex-CIA bomb expert now living as an high-tech outsider somewhere in Miami, Florida. May Munro has heard of his skills and tries over and over to convince Ray to bomb the guys who killed her parents once. Ray begins to overshadow May. He is interested in May's case, but still is of the opinion to never use his skills again. The situation changes dramatically when a former CIA comrade of Ray appears on the scene...

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